On Dignity

How does one suffer a lack of dignity?

Each longs to be dignified. The lack of it erodes temperament, diminishes morale and yawns the maw of a day of horrors.

The clerk at his desk answering phones and fawning after his boss is starved for dignity.

The bored housewife reduced to weaving a household out of penury yearns to be dignified.

There lies the desire to be dignified with every tweet, post, and picture farted into he universe.

Dignify me, I had a baby!

Dignify me, I wrote a book!

Dignify me, I grew a garden!

Dignify me, I saved my megalodon corporation thousands of dollars!

Dignify me, I wrote a poem at the brink of death by the last of my fiery breath!

Dignity is the last resort, the last chance saloon, and with every passing day, the lack of it pushes a man to lash out with his gun and spray a sea of apathetic faces with the redness of his fury.

Dignify my worship by believing too.

Dignify my servitude to family and friends.

Dignify my serving heart with a heart in kind.

White peering faces pale as blanched cod pressed against glass waiting for the sale to begin, they seek to be dignified as consumers.

The only solution, as I see it, is to dignify yourself.

Away with dignity!

Don’t even dignify this with a response!

It’s not needed!


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