Christina Catcharatcheese

In response to this:

What a bullshit piece of obvious manhate writing. As far as I can tell, no Playmate posed in Playboy against her will. I believe they all signed the consent forms and cashed their checks and used the ensuing publicity to commodify their misspent lives. This “journalist’s” article is slanted and actually sets women’s rights back about fifty years. She is also an ageist apparently offended by wealthy horny geriatrics. Here is one stellar quote from this cold dish: “Perhaps his most stunning rhetorical feat was convincing a certain segment of women—and men, for that matter—that women could channel power from the patriarchy if they performed sexual desirability for men.” This failed novelist railing against the patriarchy needs a ten cent lesson about not only building a decent coherent sentence, but also on building a plausible argument before bluntly railing against a culture she finds challenging to understand .. NEWS FLASH: our whole culture is founded on “sexual desirability” .. from advertising to music to literature to social politics. Didn’t this author just write an article about the “Most Eye-Popping Outfits of the 2017 Emmys“? Why don’t you tackle heavier more weighted issues about real exploiters, like the drug cartels sex trafficking women into abusive porn where men don’t even have to show their faces? Get your manicured fingers dirty with some real investigative journalism.

In this article where she leafs through a review copy (i.e. a free copy) of Playboy centerfolds, not once does she express any discernible level of disgust and dismay for the legacy of Hugh Hefner, the self-made man and perhaps a stellar example of the American Dream made real.

But in the end she is a fucking hypocrite like most digital writers. My advice is not to blame Hef because you’re the office shrew that can’t get a date.

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