So, it all came to a head. At this writing I am laid up in bed with a severe back ache. Yesterday I wrote 3000 words on a novel, coping with the mild back pain I have had for many years now. This morning I woke and it was near crippling.

Back in April 2016, I had gone to a physical exam and was weighed in at 265 lbs. I am 6’2″ and so my BMI at this point lingered in the nether region of 31 to 37 BMI. In other words, obese. Overweight. I felt it with every fiber of my being. Lethargy and depression had gripped me for the better part of 25 years and it has led me to this point.

265 pounds.

I would never have thought I’d reach that point. On top of that, I had a high cholesterol count which bordered, the doctor told me, on the point of requiring medication.

Immediately, I took action. It wasn’t hardcore, or at least as hardcore as it should have been. But I realized that this required a lifestyle change. My job as a writer, both creative and technical, required me to sit for long periods at a time. This exacerbated a back injury acquired from being unluckily rear-ended (for the third time) on a highway in Charlotte, North Carolina in February 2016. That accident indoctrinated a prolonged miserable stay in the south where I was relocated for a job. Desperate to keep working, I took the company up on their offer and moved from beautiful New Hampshire to a southern city with none of the charm of the south. It is a corporatized shell of a city with unhealthy franchise restaurants throughout. Unlike Charlotte that has healthy choices, Rock Hill, South Carolina does not. But that is another story …

The choice was to walk along the Catawba River, which we did for at least three miles a day, which was manageable in the springtime. Summer came, alas, and blasted us with ungodly heat and so the walking became less.

Not to belabor a story, I brought my weight down by the summer of 2017 to 237 pounds. Technically I was still considered overweight. I had a BMI of 31. My ideal weight should be between 185-195 pounds.

I felt good that I was at least in the 230s. I feel like the weight I dropped was accomplished with relative ease. But it was still too much. I let it lapse, sucked into a negative vortex where my dislike of the south and missing New England, the heat and the sedentary habits of a corporate job and writing at home slowly brought my weight up to where it stands today: 245.4 pounds.

So, my last choice is to put myself in the spotlight. I am using a phone app to count calories and keep track of my walking. I will reduce my calories by keeping it well under the suggested caloric intake for a person of my size. That is, 1000 calories or so less.

This will be drastic and hopefully for the better.

I am in so much pain that writing this post is difficult.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Back pain and being overweight along with depression hit us both Paul. I had 4 discs fused. There were days I couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t walk. My weight got out of control because of depression…failed marriage I stopped believing in myself. Other health issues. I am now at a healthy weight but it caused many other health issues. Your way of losing weight is far better then what I went through. I wish you well on this difficult journey.


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